E5 Approach

How we do it: A little thing called E5. The best machine learning takes human emotion into account – and adjusts accordingly. That’s one way mediate.ly sets you apart.

Audience receptivity isn’t a constant, it’s fluid. Mediate.ly’s E5 process takes advantage of important variables. Our data-based targeting and response analysis maximizes your campaign based on time of day, channel, role, and season. E5 is proven to be the most effective way to put your media dollars to work. Here’s how it works:

E1 – Effective:

We gauge how and when your audience responds to various media, and focus your targeting to make it more effective.

E2 – Efficient:

We reduce waste by avoiding audiences who don’t care, at times or days when they’re not receptive, or on channels and devices that won’t connect you to prospects.

E3 – Emotion:

By analyzing data, key insights, and human characteristics, some very specific behaviors emerge to help us take advantage of emotional receptivity.

E4 – Engagement:

Creative departments shouldn’t operate in a vacuum. Mediate.ly provides data-driven recommendations on ad creative to improve engagement.

E5 – Expand:

Once your campaign has been refined with proven results, we’ll help you roll it out on a broader scale to drive even bigger results.


The E5 approach will help your campaign deliver the results you need, faster. With analytics and insights baked right into your campaign planning, get ready to outperform the competition.