Video Advertising Effective at Driving Your Conversions?

For a programmatic campaign that generates an impactful ROAS, your business goals and media strategy first should be clearly defined. This will impact creative development, attribution and performance. Most marketers often think of video as an effective way to drive awareness keeping visitors engaged on site and to promote social sharing.  All to elevate your brand and not necessarily to deliver conversions. While your specific goals for each display or video tactic may vary, strongly consider taking full advantage of the opportunities that video offers.

4 Ad Decluttering Ideas that Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

While dropping off my boys up from summer camp in New England, I felt an unusual sense of peace combined with that uneasy tug of absence. Of course, saying goodbye to our teens for a couple of weeks was part of it, but that was not the real reason. The reason for my paradoxical feelings?????  There are no roadside billboards in Vermont! This ban maintained for more than 50 years in the Green Mountain State provides refuge from the visual clutter that has taken over our landscapes—and our digital experiences.

Three Digital Advertising Trends for 2019

1)  Advertising Spend

Programmatic advertising is no longer an up and coming trend for advertisers to jump on the bandwagon to compete with their competitors. The inherent technology behind programmatic has been developed and refined and is now an essential, viable channel that you must have when developing your clients’ 2019 media plans.  Programmatic advertising must be part of your overall omni-channel strategy targeting your consumer base, meeting and exceeding marketing objectives.