What Does Our "New Normal" Advertising Look Like During the Coronavirus?

It’s been about a week since the President declared a national emergency for the coronavirus.  The situation is changing each day and how it is affecting our business, friend and family interactions.  From washing our hands to sheltering in place, this new normal has not likely come to fruition just yet.  But I am hopeful that we will come together as a community to help each other, even if from a distance. These are unprecedented times and even the smartest bunch don't have all the answers—I certainly don't—but when it comes to our clients’ marketing budgets, we must know what is best in any given day.  Pandemic or not.  We have been receiving several questions related to the efficacy of our advertisers’ campaigns messaging during this time.  I’ll share some our collective and candid thoughts on how our clients can stay top of mind while addressing what is in front of us. 

Screenshot of SMH Coronavirus Video
Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Coronavirus Video Snapshot