Iowa State University

Campaign Objective

Boost enrollment activities for the university by capturing the attention of local surrounding community college students.


By applying Geofencing, we were able to pinpoint ad delivery around key buildings on four community college campuses in Iowa and neighboring Illinois. This tactic leverages the precise geohashes—hierarchical spatial data structure which subdivides space into buckets of grid shape—surrounding areas on a map, in this case, the community college buildings. Additionally, the team applied impression trackers in order to create an audience pool of those users who were in the geofence (i.e. at school), to be retargeted to when they left the geofence (i.e. at home). This creates a very deliberate sequencing of the advertising to pulse ad messaging that is most relevant to the consumer. Knowing that the majority of consumers would see these ads on their mobile devices, we enabling our cross-device attribution model in order to capture the conversion activity of those consumers on other devices and web browsing sessions. Put simply, we saw consumers engaged with or exposed to more mobile impressions which ultimately generated desktop/laptop conversions, thus increasing the ad exposure and influence over the consumer’s conversion activities.


There was a 71% increase in prospective transfer students volume and 42% decrease in Cost-Per-Action when applying the cross-device attribution model.