Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

Campaign Objective

Drive cardiology appointments by raising awareness that Sarasota Memorial’s physicians are a resource for second opinions for a heart condition or when heart surgery is required.


Surround target consumers and their families with multi-channel messages to make it easy to request an
appointment with a physician for a second opinion. The team used video and display to drive awareness
combined with social and paid search to support appointment leads. Through first-party data, the team honed in on affluent boomer men, 55-63 years old. While closely tracking engagement with the ads, and ultimately calls and form fills, these boomer men were most engaged with the ads and landing page in the early evening hours – on their mobile device. Engagement rates with the video units exceeded 2.0%. Lead forms and calls followed in the morning hours. The campaign was optimized towards the most engaged and responsive segments at key times and days across primarily mobile devices. Prospects preferred phone contact versus a web form – every call was tracked.


Weekly leads tripled throughout the duration of the campaign.