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Now you can connect with your audience like never before. Sharpen your focus. Reduce waste. And continually calibrate and improve. optimizes your advertising dollars and backs it up with fraud-free, validated inventory. This is programmatic as it was meant to be.

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Programmatic Real-Time Bidding

Your audience is telling us everything we need to know about them. By capturing behavioral, psychographic, and demographic insights from their digital advertising activity, we can continually enhance your campaign’s performance.

By using top-tier machine learning technologies, we not only target the right person at the right time on the right device. We also optimize your campaign in real time for ever-increasing effectiveness. Your audience is dynamic. Now your marketing can keep up so that every ounce of your campaign has maximum impact. Whether across display, video, connected tv, digital outdoor, social, or radio, we build the plan that will connect with your target.

Audience Insights

Mass marketing is a thing of the past. Now you can get to know your customer on the most granular, individual level imaginable. Audience insights help us understand your first-party data and build personas for efficient, effective targeting. You’ll gain actionable intelligence on audience behaviors to inform smarter advertising decisions through our audience analytics. This information empowers you to optimize your creative and UX to be more effective, helping you capture more customers online.


“There’s a lot of industry hype about programmatic, combined with trepidation. We work hard to do more than just buy media. The team cares about our clients’ businesses, digs deep on understanding their customers, and uses technology and experience to deliver better results.”

Rosie Walker, President

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Responder Insights

Think of your marketing as a conversation. By compiling data segments of users who are interacting with your digital advertising, we create responder profiles that will optimize your campaigns. These responder insights are backed by data, helping us unlock the emotional and rational receptivity of consumers. We’ll uncover the best times of day, devices, and other behaviors that will improve connections between your audience and your brand.

Campaign Optimization

When your campaign finally launches, our work is just beginning. We’ve carefully chosen our optimization approach by both identifying micro-trends and leveraging AI technologies. We’ve found this allows us to implement key strategies in real time, such as day-parting, creative cycling, domain blacklisting and identifying campaign content enhancements. Not only will we optimize from our end, but we’ll provide specific advice on creative to make that connection even stronger.

As good as it sounds, it’s even better when you see it in action.

Tactical Capabilities


Display, Mobile, Tablet & Video Advertising

These are a given. In an omnichannel advertising environment, a holistic view of the user is essential. Our delivery creates an ad experience that follows these standards, leveraging technology that targets people, not cookies. Our specialists create programs for standard web, mobile, tablet, banner, and video ad roll specs, reaching your consumers at the right time and place to increase success.

Advanced TV

As part of our single view of the user, we can incorporate Connected TV (CTV) into your media plans to capture a growing audience of Over-the-Top (OTT) devices and Smart TV owners.  Your campaigns can take advantage of the “TV everywhere” trend while layering advanced impression-level data targeting.


Trying to reach a certain neighborhood, street or building? Targeting DMA, State or even a specific Zip Code can limit you. Go further and reach more by leveraging the power of this hyperlocal targeting tactic. Target special events or even your competitor’s locations. We’ll help create a unique strategy to ensure your ads are showing to your targeted audience in a physical location.

Private Marketplace (PMP) Advertising

Increase your reach and expand your network. Our offerings enable you to layer our machine learnings and data targets onto premium, direct-to-publisher advertising inventory.  With over 3,000 private marketplace deals, choose to maximize your media buy or utilize our network to establish one for your existing publisher deals. Optimizing your media buy is a true step up from a pile of aggregated impressions for your online ads.

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