Higher Education Marketing Solutions

Higher Education institutions are challenge with increasing yield from their enrollment marketing campaigns, capture the attention of shrinking audiences and total addressable markets. Some have a brand awareness problem; others find it difficult to differentiate.  Mediate.ly can work the problem with your organization to drive the most qualified potential students for your undergrad, graduate or continuing education programs.


Why do higher education institutions choose mediate.ly?

We use data to learn from and improve campaign targeting as campaigns progress.

To increase inquiries on hard-to-market degree & certificate programs.

Engage with research from the start, iterative and constantly refine. Never settling with the results in front of us.

Communication and customer service. We make it easy to work with us.

Media Services

Connected TV

Provide your advertisers streaming TV through smart TVs and OTT (over-the-top) device such as Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast and Apple; including Hulu placements as well. 

Online Video

Pre-roll video drives brand and product engagement; and like TV, it can positively affect your brand’s search activities.


In partnership with TripleLift, Native ads offer your advertisers to showcase their thought leadership content from articles or blogs.  This tactic is more about driving engagement and less about driving leads.

Streaming Radio

Whether on local radio sites, podcasts or Spotify, radio offers advertisers to expand their brand message to either a broad or a very targeted audience.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Billboards, Gym TV screens, Mall Kiosks, Retail Point-of-Purchase (POS) screens, mediate.ly can distribute your advertisers’ message digitally to a group of screens within a geography and demography.  We also receive data of mobile devices that were exposed to DOOH screens used in retargeting across other tactics we deploy, further expanding your media plan.


It goes without saying, display ads were the foundation of programmatic since its inception since the late 2000’s.  Whether mobile, tablet, and laptop devices; in-app or web browser-based ads, mediate.ly does it.

Private Marketplace (PMP)

Consolidate your publishers and vendors with mediate.ly by asking us to deploy inventory on high impact inventory. Want to run ads on Hearst RON, CNN, or Fox Sports?  We have you covered.

Targeting Capabilities

Audience Targeting

With numerous data partnerships, target users on addressable inventory—where third-party demographic, behavioral and psychographic attributes can be applied.


Unearth subsets of consumers that interact with media at different points of their research and buying cycle for your advertisers’ products and services.

Keyword & Contextual Targeting

With Grapeshot, we serve ads by placing them on sites—and pages within sites—based on a custom keyword list.


Used to serve ads in a specific order, targeting users based on their previous exposure to other ads.


Re-engage potential customers and influencers by encouraging them to call, download or submit a form.

CRM Targeting

Convert your CRM database or email database into an online audience to distribute your ad messages across all our addressable inventory.

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