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We’ve delivered impressive KPI numbers for top brands in the health care, consumer goods, and education verticals – to name a few. Our E5 process helped their marketing perform at maximum effectiveness – always improving in real time as their plans moved forward.

Results – SMHCS

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

Campaign Objective:

Drive cardiology appointments by raising awareness that Sarasota Memorial’s physicians are a resource for second opinions for a heart condition or when heart surgery is required.


Surround target consumers and their families with multi-channel messages to make it easy to request an
appointment with a physician for a second opinion. The team used video and display to drive awareness
combined with social and paid search to support appointment leads. Through first-party data, the team honed in on affluent boomer men, 55-63 years old. While closely tracking engagement with the ads, and ultimately calls and form fills, these boomer men were most engaged with the ads and landing page in the early evening hours – on their mobile device. Engagement rates with the video units exceeded 2.0%. Lead forms and calls followed in the morning hours. The campaign was optimized towards the most engaged and responsive segments at key times and days across primarily mobile devices. Prospects preferred phone contact versus a web form – every call was tracked.

Results – Purple Bar – SMHCS


Weekly leads tripled throughout the duration of the campaign.

Results – HMR


Campaign Objective:

Broaden awareness of the weight loss program, HMR, and drive program enrollments efficiently.


For this campaign, surrounding the prospect with messaging across different platforms and devices with sequenced messages was key. Building trust by serving key pieces of information through retargeting strategies worked to familiarize consumers with the brand, its program, and value. We knew that our target was a diet cycler, and had lost trust in weight loss programs. The data told us that HMR’s prospects were influenced by ads and sponsored content on mobile, but were converting on their desktop/laptops. In fact, impression volume targeted to desktops was 25% but accounted for 84% of the transactions. Mobile and desktop really worked in tandem and tweaking that balance was imperative to the success of the campaign.

Results – Purple Bar – HMR


57% reduction in the cost per customer acquisition within 4 months of the campaign’s launch.

Results – Quadrat Academy

Quadrat Academy

Campaign Objective:

Drive Open House registrations for new Montessori Middle/High School.


Launching a new private school in a city like Philadelphia is no easy feat! The best way to share the educational mission and approach is in person. This campaign was designed to promote awareness new academy and drive leads for the open house dates. Starting with a refined target was essential as we did not have time, nor budget to waste. Without the benefit of the client’s first party data, persona development informed segmentation. Laser-sharp targeting, combined with zip code targeting, day-parting, and mobile heavy delivery were the elements of an efficient and effective campaign.

Results – Purple Bar – Quadrat Academy


52 leads for the first open house in just 14 days.

Results – Iowa State

Iowa State University

Campaign Objective:

Boost enrollment activities for the university by capturing the attention of local surrounding community college students.


By applying Geofencing, we were able to pinpoint ad delivery around key buildings on four community college campuses in Iowa and neighboring Illinois. This tactic leverages the precise geohashes—hierarchical spatial data structure which subdivides space into buckets of grid shape—surrounding areas on a map, in this case, the community college buildings. Additionally, the team applied impression trackers in order to create an audience pool of those users who were in the geofence (i.e. at school), to be retargeted to when they left the geofence (i.e. at home). This creates a very deliberate sequencing of the advertising to pulse ad messaging that is most relevant to the consumer. Knowing that the majority of consumers would see these ads on their mobile devices, we enabling our cross-device attribution model in order to capture the conversion activity of those consumers on other devices and web browsing sessions. Put simply, we saw consumers engaged with or exposed to more mobile impressions which ultimately generated desktop/laptop conversions, thus increasing the ad exposure and influence over the consumer’s conversion activities.

Results – Purple Bar – Iowa State


There was a 71% increase in prospective transfer students volume and 42% decrease in Cost-Per-Action when applying the cross-device attribution model.

Results – NSB

Newtown Savings Bank

Campaign Objective:

Grow new Mortgage and Checking applications for a local bank.


In an industry known for the big banks taking over markets with ease, a local bank wanted to showcase its presence for treating its customers like heroes and people and not account numbers on a spreadsheet. Additionally, the launch of a new campaign concept added complexity to the market to drive business away from those big banks and drive interest to its local consumers. Using a retargeting approach to “cross-pollinated” ad messaging targeting Mortgage seekers with Checking ads, and vice versa, the team was able to increase application engagement and thus drive down the cost per acquisition for those people seeking 30-year mortgages and new checking accounts with the bank.

Results – Purple Bar – NSB


32% decline in Mortgage and Checking Application CPA over a 4-month period

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